Art collectors and art-world pilgrims flock to Marfa, Texas–best known as the home to Donald Judd’s Cinati Foundation–to immerse themselves in its ever-growing arts and gallery scene. Its cachet has grown so much in recent years, in fact, that it has become a hot destination for vacationers as well as second-home owners. This volume reveals 24 of its most inspiring, unique, and high-design residential spaces.

When Donald Judd began his Marfa project in 1986, it was regarded as an idiosyncratic quest of an artist known for his antisocial tendencies. Today, 21 years after his death at the age of 65, Judd and the precisely minimal art for which he crusaded have never been more fashionable. Judd is revered as the patron saint of minimalist art, but also as the muse of minimalist interiors, architecture, furniture, and even retail design.

Because so much of Judd’s intention was site-specific, he took advantage not only of the grandly austere landscape around Marfa, he also acquired a lot of inexpensive buildings–storefronts, three ranches, and a fort. His single-handed real estate revival spawned an interest among fans and other seekers to live in the untamed, open setting in the way Judd did. The result has been that this former waterstop is now a major tourist destination as well as a cultural center. In recent years, a new wave of artists has moved to Marfa to live and work, and art lovers and collectors have followed, turning it into a booming high-design vacation and second-home destination.

This volume features 24 high-design homes that fully embrace both the unique sense of place and the offerings of its vibrant artistic community. Inspiring, high-design, contemporary residential spaces in Marfa, Texas–one of today’s most fashionable and popular destinations for art lovers, collectors, and aficionados. Over 200 full-color images reveal the unique qualities of this ethereal place and its residents.

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